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The Gift Horse Game

In partnership with Museum of Impact and Old Stone House

At Old Stone House: 336 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY (between 4th and 5th Aves)

The Gift Horse Game, is a scenario based life sized interactive game and display where players choose their own adventure, deciding the fate of a contested monument and experiencing a variety of reactions and repercussions after each choice point. Confederate monuments exist in society in spaces of high esteem, universities, plazas, parks, civic buildings and heritage markers, they are often named after polarizing historical figures, which enshrines their offensive legacy + symbology, holding the public hostage to be traumatized and triggered by their notorious presence. The Gift Horse game involves, critical discourse on methods of holding institutions accountable, everyday strategies for resistance and rapid response and reflections players can make to juxtapose best practices vs tone deaf practice in community settings with a  social justice lens. The Gift Horse game crystalizes the point, ‘Inaction is a Reaction’.

Earlier Event: March 14
Opening Reception