Race and Revolution: Reimagining Monuments questions the relationship between historical memory and historical monuments and the implications of the histories that remain absent. Sixteen artists  respond to existing New York monuments or to sites they feel should have a monument. Alongside the artists’ work, quotations from historical documents about the corresponding monuments or sites open up dialogue regarding a need to re-examine these physical, selective sound bites of memory.

Through drawings, quilts, interactive sculptural pieces, public art and paintings the sixteen artists are concerned with creating inclusive, dimensional histories. Their works address the often debated controversies around such figures as Christopher Columbus, George Washington and J. Marion Sims, and also offer insight into how collective thinking has shaped New York's story, confronting not only what we remember and memorialize, but how. (above image: The Way We’ll Care with You, Difficult Love, Midnight Dialogues c. 1649-present, 2019 by Alex Callender)

Curated by Katie Fuller

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